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44% of Brits Find Gamers Romantically Appealing

nearly half of Brits found an interest in online gaming to be an appealing romantic attribute

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44% of Brits Find Gamers "Romantically Appealing"

According to recent data released by EE, nearly half of Brits found "an interest in online gaming" to be an appealing romantic attribute. 

Here are some more stats from the study: 

  • Online gaming, according to 58% of Brits, "boosts romantic relationships."
  • At least once a week, 28% of couples now play games together.
  • 52% of Brits believe that playing video games online helps to defuse conflict and maintain harmony in relationships.
  • On a date night, more than a fifth of 16 to 24 year olds now prefer playing online games than going out to dinner, the movies, or staying in and watching a movie.
  • 64 percent of Brits said that playing games enhances their social interactions and helps them unwind.
  • Brits are looking for mates who share their passion for video games. One in ten people believe it to be the most crucial compatibility factor in a possible spouse, even overriding more conventional characteristics like a compatible star sign.
  • Puzzles and party games are the most common games played by couples, followed closely by sports, multiplayer racing, and casino games.

An EE spokesman told Esports News UK that the study's sample size was 2,000 people, and its target audience was from throughout the country.

How games may improve relationships

In order to give advice on how gaming has benefited relationships, EE has partnered with social media gaming pair Adam Lyne and Jessie Jackson, who met while playing games online. Here is their advice:

“Be patient with each other when online gaming and don’t get frustrated when your partner isn’t an expert at the same game as you, it’s more fun when it’s competitive so you could spend an evening teaching each other tips and tricks on your favourite games. Find the right balance between online gaming together and enjoying other date nights such as going to a restaurant or the movies. Online gaming helps couples spend time together and communicate, so work out a time that works for you to online game together once or twice a week. Mix up the genres of games you play based on the day of the week or mood, such as action and adventure on a Friday and puzzle games on a Saturday”.

This research coincides with EE's promotion, which entitles consumers who order the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Series to access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on specific mobile plans.

It also occurs a few days after the release of the League of Legends game Cupcakes 4 Heartaches and a few months after EE brought gaming bays to 175+ locations.

The EE's Director of Devices and Partnerships, Alistair Wilson, stated:

“It’s clear that online gaming is not only growing rapidly in popularity, but it is also playing an even bigger role in our relationships – with couples now going head-to-head more than ever. And with Valentine’s Day here, we’re excited to offer Samsung’s latest Galaxy S23 flagship on EE’s All-Rounder plan, unlocking even more gaming possibilities with an Xbox Games Pass Ultimate Inclusive Extra – helping passionate online gamers game from anywhere on EE’s unrivalled network for gaming.”