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UK Gambling Laws see Overhaul for Player Protection

The delayed white paper is set to subject the most contentious measures, including affordability checks and safer gambling campaigns.

Gambling Legislation UK

Gambling Regulatory Review

The British government is proposing stricter regulations for online casinos to improve gambling safety, but many of the proposed measures will face further consultation, causing delays in implementing the changes.

The government will release a white paper on Thursday outlining the proposed measures, which include a mandatory 1% levy on industry revenues, limits on online slot machine stakes to between £2 ($2.50) and £15 ($18.50), slower online casino games, looser restrictions for land-based casinos, and government-run safer gambling campaigns.

Affordability Checks

Affordability checks for customers who suffer large losses and curbs on digital marketing are expected to be subject to further consultation. The proposed limits on online slot machine stakes for under-25s will be £2 ($2.50), in line with the cap for shop-based fixed-odds betting terminals, while older players may be allowed to bet up to £15 ($18.50) per spin.

The government is leaning towards a light-touch option for affordability checks that would see firms perform credit checks when customers lose a certain amount instead of requiring proof of earnings. Curbs on digital marketing will also be subject to further consultation due to legislative backlog.