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Play'n GO Launches Superhero Slot

Players who receive at least three supped-up symbols win.

Play'n GO Launches Superhero Slot

Play'n GO Launches Superhero Slot, Ternion

Ternion, a 5x4 video slot from Play'n GO, features stacked wilds, progressive free spins up to 35, and win multipliers.

The Swedish gaming entertainment company, which at the end of March extended its business-to-business licence in the country, conjured up Victory City, a city where peace previously reigned but is now urgently threatened by the Doomsday Device.

Victory City was once a peaceful place, but the Doomsday Device now poses a serious threat to it.

Players must attempt to dismantle the gadget and save the day from the perilous meteors, monsters, and catastrophic events with the aid of the three heroes that serve as the game's major characters.

In addition, players can increase their chances of winning by utilising lucrative additional features, including win multipliers, progressive free spins, and stacked wild symbols. Windstorm, Marvelosa, and The Incredible Wonder are members of the Ternion team.

The studio has utilised the influential trio, which is well known for its iconic quality games and top-tier entertainment, to engender a sense of development throughout the game.

Superb design can be seen in the characters. Marvelosa can be seen using her electric-green rays to increase winning combinations on the reels.

The Incredible Wonder has been portrayed as a "larger-than-life," faceless person who gives the team power.

While the trio is seen moving into action and laying the route to Victory City's rescue, Windstorm unleashes her vengeance.

Players who receive at least three supped-up symbols win. Any random spin can activate one of the three characters' random superpowers, increasing the size of the prizes and moving the heroes one step closer to their rightful victory.

Marvelosa, The Incredible Wonder, and Windstorm's superpowers will result in three to ten different Wild symbols when Stacked Wilds are present on the reels and all low-paying symbols have been eliminated.

Energy cell metre, win multiplier, and free spins round A minimum of three Ternion Signal Scatter symbols must be matched for players to enter the Free Spins phase. They can obtain up to 35 Progressive Free Spins there.

The Win Multiplier could also be enabled at any time during the same round of free spins. It will then multiply the sum of the participant's winnings and increase them by one unit. A Wild Symbol is shown stacking during the feature, replicating the combat formation of the three characters by going on top of any existing Wilds.

The game also has an Energy Cell Metre loaded with Energy symbols. The metre is seen filling up, and the superpowers are added to the reels once a player has gathered a sufficient quantity of Energy symbols.

Players receive valuable gifts in exchange and their chances of rescuing Victory City from certain destruction increase. The studio debuted Ronin's Honour in the middle of April; it is a similarly lucrative slot machine with Mystery Splitting Symbols and Dynamic Payways.

George Olekszy, the company's head of game retention, talked about Ternion and shared his company's happiness and pleasure at having created their "first superhero slot."

He added that the new release gives players complete control over their own superhero team, an "ambitious move" that has been masterfully executed by Play'n GO's talented team, while mentioning earlier hero/sci-fi-themed slots released by the studio in the past, such as 2022's Champions of Mithrune and 2021's Sparky & Shortz.

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