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Poker Star Rumoured to Have Made Bank at Backgammon

Gus Hansen allegedly walked away with $Millions

Gus Hansen

Renowned poker player Gus Hansen has been keeping busy after losing his interest in Chinese poker. He's now turning to backgammon to get his fix of mathematics-based competition and degenerate gambling. Hansen is widely known as one of the sharper backgammon players in the industry, and many still remember his dramatic reading of the backgammon rules at the World Series of Backgammon.

There are stories of him covering his poker losses with the doubling cube, but now he seems to be back on the dice and pips with a recent Instagram video showcasing a beautiful pearlescent backgammon set in his Monte Carlo hotel.

However, it seems Hansen may not be doing as well in backgammon as he has in the past. While he has refused to disclose how much he's playing per point, his video shows him down 266 points, according to his score sheet. And if you know Hansen, you know he's not playing for small stakes.

Despite the possible setback, it's clear that Hansen is passionate about backgammon and will continue to push himself to improve his game. Fans of Hansen and backgammon alike will be eagerly following his progress in this classic game of skill and strategy.