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Must Watch Movies for Blackjack Fans

Here are our picks for the greatest blackjack films ever.

Must Watch Movies for Blackjack Fans

Must Watch Movies for Blackjack Fans

Since its introduction, blackjack has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, making it one of the most commonly played casino financial games in the world.

Blackjack is an entertaining game of chance. It is a subset of the Twenty-One family of games and uses a standard 52-card deck. These card games also include Pontoon and Vingt-et-Un. Instead of battling it out with other players when playing blackjack, players are placed against the dealer. To determine the result, they compare their card hand with the dealer's.

Here are our picks for the greatest blackjack films ever.


The story of a group of MIT students excellent at card counting is told in the movie 21, which is based on actual events.

You'll be desperate to play Bitcoin blackjack and reap the rewards as they test their luck in Las Vegas after seeing the movie.

Whether or not you enjoy watching films, you'll be enthralled by this gripping story of high stakes and much higher rewards.

Ben Campbell finds that the cost of getting to Harvard Medical School is too high, but he can still afford the $300,000 tuition. His professor offers a ray of hope: the student who successfully stands out throughout the application process will be awarded a scholarship to help with the fees.


Swingers, which debuted on the big screen in 1996, may have started out as a low-key comedy-drama, but it ended up being nothing short of revolutionary.

A special thank you to Ron Livingston, Vince Vaughn, and Jon Favreau for their pivotal roles in this timeless film. Speaking of making history, this indie film really rocked the '90s and left a lasting impression.

Fun fact: Would you think the only gambling action depicted was a small $5 blackjack game played at a casino by Jon Favreau? Who would have guessed?


The 1998 movie Croupier, starring Clive Owen, is an excellent choice for a movie night for those who are die-hard casino gaming enthusiasts and an excellent introduction.

It focuses on the fascinating story of Jack Manfred, a driven Londoner who follows his father's advice and works as a croupier in a casino. Although initially only in there for the money, Jack soon realises how this unusual workplace, not to mention all the interesting personalities in the gaming hall, could inspire his writing. This movie is guaranteed to be enjoyable because it has an engaging protagonist, a look at how difficult gambling can be, and a close-up look at what happens in the casino behind the scenes.

Why waste time any longer when there are so many recognisable famous faces? When you watch the movie, allow yourself to get lost in it.

The Hangover

We've included a classic comedy in our list of blackjack films that follows a group of buddies on an amazing stag do in Sin City.

It should come as no surprise that the boys get more than they bargained for when they travel to Vegas for their stag do.

They owe an enormous debt after encountering a sketchy character, and their only option is to attempt to defeat the dealer at blackjack. Thanks to their card-counting talents, these pals are prepared to recover their losses during an incredible night in Las Vegas.

Holy Rollers

Let's look at Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians. This unusual but fascinating documentary should not be mistaken with the 2010 Jesse Eisenberg film to complete our list of the greatest blackjack films available for devoted enthusiasts.

Through the perspectives of Colin Jones and Ben Crawford, we are given a look at morality, spirituality, and gambling. Jones and Crawford, two devoted Christians, began to question whether their hopes of increasing their yearly income through blackjack card counting might actually come true.

Could it be the solution to all of their financial and spiritual problems? Time would only tell.

Rain Man

The moment Rain Man appeared on our screens, he immediately caused us to sit up and take note of a remarkable person. Who was Rain Man, despite his lovable charm and unique qualities? A closer inspection reveals an outstanding individual with unique abilities and needs.

In Barry Levinson's "Rain Man," Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman play Charlie and Raymond Babbitt. An inside look at sibling rivalry, Charlie, a self-centred auto salesman in Los Angeles, was astounded to learn about Raymond after their father passed away—when he was the only one to inherit his father's fortune.

How does blackjack fit into this timeless tale after upending the film industry and winning four Academy Awards?

In order to take advantage of Raymond Babbitt's extraordinary eidetic memory in Las Vegas, the autistic savant with a knack for numbers and his go-getter brother Charlie link up. Helping them in their attempt to make a fortune at the blackjack table? Charlie's complex method of card counting.

To top it all off, if you want to learn more about blackjack and the casino industry, you can find films on our list that you'll love. We have something for you whether you're looking for glitzy Hollywood blockbusters, enigmatic mafia films, or in-depth documentaries.

Get ready to enjoy some fantastic movies!