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Craps is a casino game played with a set of dice. The rule of this game of chance is quite complex and it is better to know it well before starting

Craps is a gambling game that comes from the United States. It is also widespread in Canada but infrequent on other gaming tables. Craps is often less popular than slot machines or poker because its rules make it a more complicated game. However, the prestige of this game far exceeds that of Blackjack and roulette.

If you've never played craps before, the game's rules may seem complicated the first time around. It's an action-packed casino game, but fortunately, you can also get into the game gradually as betting can happen at any time.

It is possible to play craps knowing only a few types of bets, but it is still ideal to familiarize yourself with all the bets in the game before you start to not be surprised and lose money.